3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great option for anyone who wears glasses. Contact lenses can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. People choose to obtain contact lenses for a wide variety of reasons, including aesthetic reasons, or perhaps because they play sports and don’t want to wear corrective goggles while playing. Glasses wearers located in the San Diego, CA area should considering looking to get a prescriptioning for contact lenses, which offers wearers a wide range of eye care advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should considering getting contact lenses if you wear glasses:

1. Your Field of Vision Will Be Greater

When wearing contact lenses, you’ll have a fuller and more focused vision field. Glasses are prone to distortions and reflections, while contact lenses don’t have these problems. Also, contact lenses don’t get wet or fog up. 

2. They Don’t Block Your Face

You can see your face fully and clearly when wearing contacts lenses, as opposed to glasses which can obscure the view of your face. If you play sports and need to wear protective gear, such as a helmet, having contact lenses makes this much easier to do.

3. You Can Wear Sunglasses

Another upside to wearing contact lenses is that the wide world of sunglasses is open to you! You can now make a fashion statement by donning the trendiest sunglasses.

Anyone who wears glasses located in the San Diego, CA area should consider visiting an optometrist an inquire about getting contact lenses. Try them and start experiencing the lifestyle benefits!